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At Tech it’s Hell, then Dead Week. November 24, 2009

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It’s Hell week!!

Even though it’s my second Fall semester, I don’t remember having had so many projects and tests clumped together last year.  This year in the span of one week I had/have 3 tests and 2 final projects due.  It doesn’t seem too bad of a situation, at least not unless I tell you that all 3 tests were on the same day and that I’ve been procrastinating on those projects! =X

Strangely enough, I’m actually looking forward to one of the projects: compressing a picture by converting it to a matrix and then doing the Singular Value Decomposition.  The other project is just a simple Blackjack game I’ll try to implement with a queue, but I’m more nervous than excited about it.

Also, I’ve managed to always write on days that are multiples of four.  I promise it’s not being done deliberately.


W@CC Movie Night! November 12, 2009

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W@CC is having its first movie night of the semester! 😀

UP! came out in DVD two days ago, so this Friday the gals from W@CC are going to set up a projector in the CoC Orgs Room to watch it.  I believe it’s going to have a “No boys allowed!” rule to it, but that might just be to annoy certain men who also attend the weekly W@CC meetings, hehe.

The following week is going to be Game Night which should be fun as well!  I still don’t know much about it, only that it’s planned.

The week after that W@CC is having an end-of-the-year dinner right before Thanksgiving.  I can’t believe the semester is almost over; it seems crazy that there’s only about 3 more weeks left before I go into my 4th semester, but I digress.

This week’s meeting was pretty exciting because we started discussing CoCaesar’s Palace.  From stories and pictures you can tell it’s a pretty big and fun event, “like Fall Festival times 5” as one person described it.  We also decided the theme: Film Noir!  I got home so thrilled about it I googled fashion ideas, tried on a dress, brainstormed outfit ideas, and slightly annoyed my mother when I revealed that the event is still about 4 months away.

Next semester should be awesome.  If not, I’ll make it be so.

New Semester = New Beginnings? November 8, 2009

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Time tickets to register for Spring semester classes opened last week, resulting in massive hysteria caused by Oscar lagging at dial-up rates.

I’m neither displeased nor content with my classes for next semester, mostly because I hadn’t even thought about my schedule.  It kinda snuck up on me.  Even then, I don’t know a single second-year CS major who was able to get into Math3012/LCC3404 for Spring (as our curriculum suggests), so I wasn’t too bothered when I wasn’t able to get slots in those classes.

I signed up for 17 credits:

  • CS2110
  • PHYS2211
  • MATH1502
  • HPS1040 (I don’t even know how)
  • SOC1101

The answer is NO, I’m not planning to actually stick with all those classes.  Anyone who sticks with 17+ credits is insane or out-of-state*.

There are a lot of variables floating around right now which could change that schedule even more, the most altering of which is whether they approve my application to be a TA.  For now, however, all I can do is keep on doing the Tech routine: work hard, study on repeat, and pray with crossed fingers.

*On a yearly basis, out-of-state tuition is painful to look at.  Adding up the cost of 4+ years can make Chuck Norris cry.  Either way, I’d rather starve and be at Tech than to have a full belly at my safety school!

Phantasma! November 4, 2009

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Last week Women @ the College of Computing (W@cc) hosted their annual Fall Festival and it was awesome!

I got there an hour late but I was amazed: there were over 100 students chattering around the Klaus atrium, dressed up and gobbling up the candy and other Halloween goods that W@CC had purchased for the event last week (which was another adventure in itself).  A lot of students were dressed up: I spotted Link, a fairy, The Riddler, and a self-described “Generic Sci-Fi Girl”; there was a small crowd outside etching their designs on pumpkins or heating marshmellows; and it’s almost certain that at least one person left with a bruise from musical chairs.

Seeing so many fellow CoC students having fun and socializing was very refreshing for some reason – although it might have been because of the Halloween spirit or a side-effect of sugar!  It seems that everyone else who attended enjoyed the event as well.  It makes me look forward even more to other CoC events, specially W@CC-related ones. 😀