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New Semester = New Beginnings? November 8, 2009

Posted by lifealgo in Class Madness.

Time tickets to register for Spring semester classes opened last week, resulting in massive hysteria caused by Oscar lagging at dial-up rates.

I’m neither displeased nor content with my classes for next semester, mostly because I hadn’t even thought about my schedule.  It kinda snuck up on me.  Even then, I don’t know a single second-year CS major who was able to get into Math3012/LCC3404 for Spring (as our curriculum suggests), so I wasn’t too bothered when I wasn’t able to get slots in those classes.

I signed up for 17 credits:

  • CS2110
  • PHYS2211
  • MATH1502
  • HPS1040 (I don’t even know how)
  • SOC1101

The answer is NO, I’m not planning to actually stick with all those classes.  Anyone who sticks with 17+ credits is insane or out-of-state*.

There are a lot of variables floating around right now which could change that schedule even more, the most altering of which is whether they approve my application to be a TA.  For now, however, all I can do is keep on doing the Tech routine: work hard, study on repeat, and pray with crossed fingers.

*On a yearly basis, out-of-state tuition is painful to look at.  Adding up the cost of 4+ years can make Chuck Norris cry.  Either way, I’d rather starve and be at Tech than to have a full belly at my safety school!



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