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Making Time for Time January 29, 2010

Posted by lifealgo in Company Visits.
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I’m taking 17 credits, got involved in 3 more organizations this semester, and had only slept about 4 hours the night before, and still I found myself sitting in a Google event – for the second time that day.

The idea that some students (not just in CS) go to events for “dine and dashes” and freebie-hoarding sprees baffles me about as much as when I go to those same events and have the opportunity to converse with representatives from companies like Lockheed Martin and Yahoo! and Google.

To explain part of my amazement about “big companies” visiting Georgia Tech, I’ll put it in perspective: I know somebody who saw one of his favorite bands play live 4 times just last year.  When I was young I was obsessed with the Backstreet Boys (oh, the shame!) throughout their most prolific era, yet not once did they visit Venezuela in the 4-5 years I listened to them.

Yahoo! and Google just don’t recruit in Venezuela.  I understand it’s illogical to recruit people from every single country in our world, but it is definitely demotivating to live in a place without opportunities.

It can be assumed that if someone is “good enough” that they’ll eventually be “noticed” and obtain their dream job; naturally, this is bitterly unrealistic and doesn’t take into consideration outside factors.  One example is an excellent fellow programmer and good friend of mine, Freddy P., who has been in a visa-requesting process for the past three years – hence, he is unable to move to another country where he could have the opportunity to be interviewed with Google.

I might eventually get used to their visits, but I won’t take them for granted.

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