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TechTopics: PHP February 20, 2010

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GTACM has been planning these for a while now, and this semester they were finally able to create “mini classes” to teach students (CS and non-CS alike) about stuff that is not normally offered in classes, such as PHP.

Due to the lovely layer of snow that covered campus last week, the first TechTopics class focusing on PHP and MySQL was postponed for this week.  I left work at 4 and headed towards Bunger-Henry where I discovered two things:

  • I need to read room number signs more carefully so as to avoid wandering around looking for a classroom *cough*
  • The acoustics of Bunger-Henry’s staircases outdo the (former) creepiness of the third floor of the CCB holy crap

There were certainly a lot more people in the class than I expected, at least 30 students.  I’m assuming most of them are CS, but I believe this class is open to all majors.  Everyone simply walked in – it was quiet, organized, and students helped themselves out when one couldn’t figure out something.

Since it’s pretty much an “Intro to PHP”, this first class centered on setting up the tools to code in PHP (Apache, MySQL) and the syntax of PHP and other basics: variable declaration, if statements, loops, associative arrays, print statements, among others.

I made my first PHP file along with the class and, as it’s happened every single time I code in a new language, my computer decides to hand me challenges because the file is still not showing up on my localhost projects!

Hurdles aside (for now!) TechTopics has set its path on a very good beginning.



1. Roger - February 20, 2010

Thanks for the positive feedback. Somehow this blog entry showed up in my Google Reader, but I’m not entirely sure who you are… I hope you continue to enjoy the classes! Feel free to send me any feedback or suggestions.

TechTopics program lead organizer

lifealgo - February 24, 2010

Hi Roger! I’m Cristina Gonzalez. I went to the last ACM meeting last semester where you guys had officer elections, though I left a little bit early. I’ll definitely keep on making updates about the TechTopics classes, and Hack Week in a couple of weeks. Thanks for linking me on the GTACM twitter!


Andrew Guyton - March 2, 2010

It showed up because I’m subscribed to Cristina’s blog and shared her article about TechTopics. 🙂

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