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What about the CoC? February 25, 2010

Posted by lifealgo in Mentors Program, Personal.

Looking at other student blogs I became aware of the fact that although I always talk about the College of Computing I have yet to mention how I feel about it.

I mentioned some of the reasons during my interview for the Mentors Program.  This is what I answered when asked why I wanted to be a mentor:

I think it’s great that you’re automatically putting all freshmen in the mentors program.  I wish I’d been in some sort of program like that in my first semester.  I know that the first year can be extremely hard on some people in terms of confidence in your ability to do well in here, whether you want to be a CS major or not, all the general uncertainties.  I know because I went through that during my first year, I was doubtful and insecure.  I live off campus and the transition from high school was really tough on me, and it was really hard for me to start to meet people.  I think the mentors program can help with some of that, and I want to be part of it.

That was the only answer I gave during which I wasn’t nervous at all.  I was simple, honest and jittery.  I keep on mentioning it to people. but the more I think about it the more surprised I am that I only started getting to know people this last October – when I started this blog.

Yet I always get to a part where I want to explain my gratitude and I have to attempt to pinpoint why I like the CoC so much: it might be the faculty, my peers, the sense of community among the students, maybe the TAs helping students helping other students in the commons, or the robotic dinosaur I walked by today, or the elevator doors opening to reveal a man carrying a disembodied car door through the third floor, or all the different organizations and the awesome people in them.

All those things make up the College of Computing for me – it’s my web, my motivation, where I bounce from when I stumble.



1. Andrew Guyton - February 25, 2010

That’s a big reason why I switched from ECE to CS. Not that the COC is without fault, of course. But it’s far more enjoyable.

lifealgo - March 15, 2010

I think of other majors and I can’t imagine them without the commons/TA labs/professor offices/etc… It’s all very nicely weaved together in the CoC (:

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