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Slow Ascension March 7, 2010

Posted by lifealgo in Personal.

A bunch of stuff has happened since my last entry.

Firstly, I’ve been in a better mood.

Secondly, there are several reasons for that:

  1. I figured out what was wrong with my CS homework and got back some points on it
  2. I’m working more hours, but somehow I managed to get more free time.  WHAT
  3. Rediscovered caffeine on my first free hour with Chris .  WOOT!
  4. Miller Templeton came to my Health class and talked about happiness
  5. Accepted student overnight!

Item #5 hasn’t happened yet, but it will probably be my next entry.  I believe there are about 50 accepted high school students from Georgia and its neighboring states coming over for tonight’s event.  I don’t know how many (current) students are volunteering today or if we managed to get a hold of some gaming consoles for the impromptu gaming extravaganza we came up with over e-mail, but I’m almost certain that most volunteers (if not all) are going to be mentors.

Also, I have a “Girl’s Night Out” info session tomorrow with Esther.  I’m a bit nervous, but I’m still diving in!

I just realized tomorrow in between 10-8PM I will only have a half-hour in which I am not doing anything.  That only means I have to move faster.



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