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Google Games and Trasitions April 15, 2010

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On Friday of last week we had a transition event for new and old organization officers.  It was coordinated by the College of Computing’s Office of Outreach, Enrollment and Community (OEC) as a way to get all the paperwork done, such as recording officer names and duties, and also serving as a social event for CoC leaders to meet and mingle.

Srs bsns

This may have been a side effect of too much awesome in a room

I now officially hold three officer positions for Fall 2010 (or the whole year):

  • FIREWALL: Chief Copy Editor
  • Hispanics@CC: Vice President of Community Building
  • Minorities@CC: Media Chair

Strangely enough, all these positions involve reaching out the CoC community in some sort of way, which is both surprising and satisfying.  It’s interesting that, without intending to, I’ve ended up in these positions and in the Office of Communications of the College of Computing.  I digress…

Later on that night SAB hosted their last event of the semester, Mafia Night.  Unfortunately I had to leave before I could play a round.

The following day Google hosted Google Games for Georgia Tech, Morehouse, and Spelman.  Our team, RHR (right hand rule) consisted of me, Chris R., Aurel L., Michael H., and Michael M.  We made our way to the Google office in Atlanta and enjoyed being placed next to the food table.

“This is great” – Michael H. as he turned around and grabbed another bagel

We introduced ourselves with xkcd quotes and started off by placing in the final round of the “Athletic” portion of the event (Wii sports).

This more than doubled the previous players' scores

Go Michael M.!

After some intense Geek Trivia, puzzles, and lego building (with two engineers in our team I was not surprised at the mention of torque as we built our structure) we got 3rd place overall out of over 10 teams!



I chose a Pocket Ninja as my prize, which came with a fantastic sticker containing happy ninjas, fields, and floating recursive mustaches.  I have yet to name him, though “Resulting Vector”, Googol, and Turing are a few contenders.  On our way back to Tech I also got pretty flowers 😀

Yellow means friendship, white means purity, and we all know what red stands for.

The white one is from Chris R., the yellow one is from Aurel L., and the red carnation is from CoCaesar's; it amazes me that it's still alive after almost 3 weeks

It was a great day overall 🙂



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