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I hope there isn’t a Hell Week in BCN April 25, 2010

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Dead Week is at my heels!

Hell Week this year was particularly busy, strangely enough, for non-academic reasons.  That is not to say that I didn’t have a bazillion things to do/due for my classes.  I had homework to do; a final quiz, a final timed lab, and a final exam on the same day; and a demo for the homework that had been due earlier that week.

On Tuesday the CoC hosted its 19th Annual Awards Ceremony, for which I was asked to hand the awards to Dean Foley for him to hand to the winners.  It was fun sitting in the front of the room on a table tiled with award certificates and letters and bouncing between my seat and the podium throughout the entire ceremony, and even though I was late for the class I had following the awards (heels) it didn’t matter since my professor actually received an award at the ceremony 🙂

On Tuesday we had our last Mentors Program meeting ):  I also realized I won’t be able to TA for CS1100 since it conflicts with one of my classes next semester.   However, as we get closer to the end of the semester we’re also getting more and more students accepting offers to come to Georgia Tech and getting a more definite list of our future mentees 😀

On Thursday we had a Yahoo! Field Day Picnic co-hosted by W@CC, SWE, and WECE – I briefly helped out before running off to class.  The following day I got to the CoC early and opted to paint on the canvas GOURD had propped up on the entrance lobby


Someone had written "CS BLOWS". I fixed it.

Later on I found out that I’ve exhausted my FWS funds, meaning I was able to get the rest of the day off.  I then had lunch with the CoC Advisory Board and shared a table with Thomas Noonan, James Lester, and Dick Hunter, as well as Colin Potts, Charles Isbell, and Dean Foley for brief moments with my peers and fellow mentors Michael S. and Linda H.

At the end of the week, I got home before 6PM for the first time in almost two months and worked on what is, officially, my third job this semester.

Now, semi-related occurrences since my last update:

The GTACM programming team hosted its first Coding Competition.

  • For each right question, teams would get a balloon of a color that corresponded with the question
  • The teams with the most balloons and points at the end would win
  • First and second place teams had 6 balloons at the end
  • There were a LOT of surplus balloons
  • Aurel L. may have taken a batch of balloons for helium-voice purposes

And Saturday was a lovely day 😀

James D. Lester, III



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