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Porcupine Tree != stress relief April 28, 2010

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Over Christmas break, my sister introduced me to the first Porcupine Tree song I willingly listened to.  “Blind House” is the second song of (what then was their brand new album) The Incident.  I began a rediscovering process, listening to old albums and recognizing the familiar tunes I’d heard countless times before but never bothered to process.

Today they hit Atlanta as part of the North American leg of their tour, and my mother and I saw them live.  It was amazing ❤  And the only way I can express it is in cliché succinctness.

However, right now I’m in a bit of a sour mood.

It’s been plaguing me for a couple of weeks now, but Dead Week has not been helping at all…  oh, well.  It’s something else I will stack and deal with after my last HWs/Finals/my third job




1. milcom - June 12, 2010

One amazing band. Most of their albums are progressive masterpieces.
For me, they are the ultimate stressbusters. When in stress, listen to their albums and the stress is gone!
Hope the sourness is gone for now. 🙂

PS : “Possibly related posts” is an awesome feature. 😀

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