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Open Mics, Cameras, and Braincells May 2, 2010

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Back in December, the CoC’s Undergraduate Council had a Desert Night in which they gave out superlatives to various involved students of the CoCommunity.  Last Thursday they had what the former UC president described as the “more serious” awards for MVPs of each club, and in recognition of outstanding students in the College of Computing.

It was fun and slightly bittersweet due to all the graduating seniors who were at the event.  I also had homework to work on, but that only contributed to stress.

The following day I had a professional photo shoot for an article that will be posted on the CoC website in the near future since they have yet to interview me.  The rest of the day (and night) was spent  trying to convert a linked list into a snake made out of sprites for the GBA for my last 2110 homework – which is also bittersweet.

Of course, this all means it’s


AKA I-really-shouldn’t-be-writing-blog-posts-but-I’m-kinda-burnt-out-from-studying-9-hours-today-but-that’s-the-excuse-I-used-to-take-a-break-3-hours-ago

AKA I’ll go review calculus now.  ‘Til then.



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