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Tech Effects May Last Beyond the End of the Semester May 15, 2010

Posted by lifealgo in Barcelona!.

My second year reached its conclusion!

A week ago.

It’s almost as if it hadn’t ended at all, though.  The past week has whiled away simply catching up with all the things in my life I could postpone in favor of grades, such as getting ready for Barcelona and tasks from what is (officially) my third job.  For now, I’ll recount the last week:

Luckily, I only had three finals this semester.  After a marathon of going from review sessions to tests, I was done with my second year!  Naturally, I went back to the College of Computing and relaxed/worked, then proceeded to pass out for 12 hours.

After that came some adventure time with the two baddest gentlemen I happen to know 8)



After a couple of days spent shopping for Barcelona supplies (i.e. luggage) I was interviewed by my boss for the article for which I had the photoshoot I mentioned in a previous post.  Since then, I’ve been packing, filling out forms, and comparing floor samples…

… with a teeny bit of Portal.

Things to do:

  • (Finally!) Write letter to my mentees 😀
  • Finish packing
  • Continue working
  • Send form to my boss
  • Send form to my counselor
  • Make copies
  • Hope the ridiculous rash I got on my arms 5 hours ago goes away
  • Sleep, since it’s 3AM

I think I’ll cross out the last one first 🙂



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