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CC Incoming Class of 2010! August 22, 2010

Posted by lifealgo in Mentors Program.

The past few days I’ve been given the opportunity to spend time with the newest addition to the College of Computing: the members of the incoming class!

I can honestly say I’ve been looking forward to this moment for a while, ever since I became a mentor in January.  I wondered who my mentees were going to be, how this class was going to be like, among many, many other things.  This short amount of time, however, has already made me extremely happy about my decision to become a mentor.  All the mentees that I’ve met have been fantastic, open, motivated, and friendly.  Most of all, they seem to really like the way we are welcoming them to the College of Computing – not just because it organized Boot Up and covered their admission to Six Flags (although that’s definitely appreciated!) , but also by introducing them to our culture and our people and our community…

... our student organizations...

... our college events...

... our friendship...

... our dedication...

... and the truly unexplainable

I’m truly blessed  to have the opportunity to be a friend and guide to such a promising group of people, and that I get to help them survive through and love the College of Computing, as an academic institution and as a community that has also given me so, so many wonderful opportunities and encouragement.

I’m looking forward to this Fall.



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