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Mentoring for another year! February 24, 2011

Posted by lifealgo in Mentors Program.
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I’ve been selected to be a CoC mentor for another year!!! 😀

The selection process was even more strict that last year’s – unfortunately the program had to be reduced to 25 mentors, yet the Office of Outreach, Enrollment, and Community got over 50 applications this year!

I spoke with a lot of the students that applied, and I’d estimate that roughly half of them were freshmen.  Although this makes sense since a lot of freshmen hang out near the OEC office and were told personally about the application (through OEC or their friends), it’s still kind of crazy that a group consisting of ~120 students – or 1/6th of the entire CoC – provided half the candidates.

Considering that the program has GPA and credit constraints (2.4ish GPA and 30+ credit hours), and that the application was rather lengthy, I’d say there was probably a significant amount of freshmen that wanted to apply but didn’t for various reasons.  Still, accounting only for those freshmen who did apply, that means that roughly 1 out of every 5 freshmen applied to be a mentor, about 10 times the application rate for other CoC students!

All in all, the most significant factor is that all the freshmen that applied (or wanted to) were all mentees in last year’s mentor program – and wanted to pay it forward by being mentors to future freshmen.  I’d say that makes last year’s program quite successful 🙂

As for myself and whether some of my mentees got into the program, all I’ll say is that the tree’s height has increased…



1. Celest Benn - March 14, 2011

Sorry, not a comment on mentoring for another year. But congrats. there was no contact section for you.I own a company that is in need of a rewrite. I am in a pre-funding stage and I am looking for a Developer Partner for company. I am trying to find someone who could do all the development in exchange for a piece of my company. I have a very unique niche coupon site.

I need to find PHP developers, which is the language being used.

Do you know of any student clubs, get-togethers/forums etc… here at Georgia Tech? I need to find someone asap.

I’ve got a great personality and I’m a mom. Looking for someone who wants to be part of a fun, family friendly company.

This website will also be translated into Spanish. I’m from Spain.

Thanks a bunch

Celest Benn 480 628 8000

lifealgo - March 20, 2011

Hi Celeste, thanks for your comment! We have around 20 clubs within the College of Computing at Georgia Tech, unfortunately none of them focus specifically on PHP (at least for now, anyway!). One thing you could do to find someone who might be interested would be to make a job posting here: http://www.cc.gatech.edu/node/add/job. Jobs submitted there are posted to the main College of Computing page, so it’s your best bet for reaching out to those who know PHP.

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