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Tapia Conference OEC Scholarship March 6, 2011

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The Richard Tapia Conference is a computing conference catering specifically to Hispanics, African Americans, and other underrepresented minorities within the realm of computer science and its related majors.  This year’s conference will take place during the first week of April in San Francisco.

Obligatory Golden Gate picture


The Office of Outreach, Enrollment, and Community (the ones in charge of all student organizations + recruitment events and programs) had enough funding to cover the attendance costs for about a dozen or so students.  I filled out a short application for the OEC travel stipend, and was greeted with the following dialogue the following day:

Friend: “Hey Cristy, have you checked your e-mail?  Tapia decisions were sent out.”

Me: “Oh… no, I haven’t.  I guess I’ll check my e-mail after my Physics test, since I only have 20 minutes left to study”

*Five minutes later*

Jen from OEC: “Hey Cristy, I need you to send me your travel information ASAP, thanks!”

Me: ” 😐 Guess I don’t need to check my e-mail”

Either way, I’m going to California!!  I’m really looking forward to attending the conference, especially since part of the OEC scholarship includes going to a pre-conference event where we’ll be able to meet Mr. Richard Tapia himself.  Also,ever since I was little my mom has talked to me about California, particularly LA and San Francisco, so I’m really excited about the idea of exploring the area a little bit with a group of awesome people.

I’ll try to update during the days of the conference or at least make a decently-sized post after the conference.  Expect lots of pictures! 🙂