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HOLA and Banana party June 27, 2012

Posted by lifealgo in internship.
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Yesterday night I went to a networking event by HOLA, the Hispanic/Latino organization from Microsoft. All interns were invited to come along and meet full-time employees who are involved in HOLA. It was great to meet some FTE as well as interns from a variety of Hispanic places (among others – there was a girl from Egypt at the event! 🙂 ). Also, it turns out that one of the FTEs at the event was not only Venezuelan (like me), but her dad is actually from my hometown! There have been some crazy coincidences this summer, but that’s definitely one of the top ones.

Aside from that, today I got to hang out with some (relatively) old friends at a banana party! What constitutes a banana party, you ask? In our modern day and age, we have the commodity of ordering groceries online. Naturally, it follows that such services come with pitfalls like ambiguity, such as indicating whether 5 bananas means 5 individual bananas or 5 bundles of bananas. And what better way to get rid of extra bananas than by asking your friends to bring their own condiment and help you eat the plentiful fruit?


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