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Side Blog September 8, 2012

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This semester I’m taking a class on Interaction Design (LCC 3710). One of the class requirements is to maintain a blog dedicated to assignments and class work as well as other design-related things, so I’ll be updating that blog more frequently.

You can check it out at cristydesign.wordpress.com

Week in Review August 29, 2011

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The first week of this semester is over!

I’m really excited about this semester.  Only half of my classes are CS, however

  1. They’re Media thread picks (yay, Media!)
  2. The classes are taught by professors I’ve wanted to have classes with
  3. These are classes I’ve been looking forward to since my first semester at Tech

I’ve always been interested in the Media thread, and when I looked at the 4-year plans and classes I was really interested in these ones.  Now I’m actually enrolled in them! 😀  Other than that, I’m taking one lab science (2 out of 3) and one People thread pick.

Aside from that, last week I got to meet 2 of my mentees (yay!) and a lot of freshmen at this year’s Boot Up! .   I realized afterwards that I talked to everyone that went since I was a facilitator for one of our events (had I been told I was going to end up doing that when I was a freshman, I’d have freaked out!).  My event involved groups of freshmen flipping over a bedsheet that was on the ground without stepping off said bedsheet.  Overall, it was a ton of fun and I think a lot of freshmen got to know each other pretty well.

Then came the excitement from the first week.  Turns out I have about half the CS population from the Barcelona 2010  group in one of my classes, and I’ve run into a bunch of other people from that group just walking around campus.  I’ve also caught up with all the peeps who were away this summer interning on the West Coast or who trailed off to Barcelona (hooray, BCN!).  On our first day a group of friends and I decided to check out the new Clough Undergraduate Learning Commons, also known as the CULC building!

That tree is boss

View from the top

They're really pretty!

Gardens at the top of the CULC

As a way to cap off our first week back, a group of us decided to climb Stone Mountain.  We had a little BBQ before trailing up and seeing the Atlanta skyline in the background.

If only Roca had been there...

We also got under a rock/cave!

This semester just got off to a great start!

Hell/Dead/Finals Week April 28, 2011

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I have my Physics I and Combinatorics finals on the same day.




[More updates to come after said finals]

IT’S OVER! December 23, 2010

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This semester is over, THANK GOODNESS!!

For some reason this semester was particularly difficult for everyone I know – yes, I am aware this is Georgia Tech I’m talking about – regardless of year, whether they were graduating or first-semester freshmen, or the number of hours they were taking.  I think I pulled a total of 10 all-nighters for the Graphics course I’ve mentioned before on this blog.  Either way, I’m generally happy with my grades for this semester – all that hard work paid off! 🙂

Next semester I only need to get some general requirements done (I’ll only be taking 2 CS classes, as opposed to the 4 I just took) as well as make a final decision on what my second thread is going to be.

For now, I get to catch up on missed sleep hours.

Graphics! October 27, 2010

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I’ve mentioned my Graphics class before – it’s a main class required for the media thread and some branches of the CM major.  The class is challenging but not impossible, and also a bit fun*.  It has led me to pull many all-nighters this semester, but then again this is Georgia Tech so that’s not very uncommon.

For our CS3451 group project we had to modify code containing a path (calculated via b-spline, 4-point spine, the Jarek compromise, et cetera) in 3D and modify the figure navigating along the path so that:

  • The figure is now a unicycle
  • The unicycle’s wheel spins
  • The wheel has the picture of group members on their sides

Calculating the angles and fidgeting with the coordinate translations and rotations was exhausting, but then my team member figured that since we were this far along, he might as well have fun with textures.

This is the result:

Project 3B – Don’t open this if you have 30+ tabs open in your browser!

I’m particularly fond of the moon in the corner of the world and the philosophical questions that our code fueled (“the figure is not moving… it’s the world around it that’s changing”**).

*I think the scariest part of this class is that one of the reasons I think it’s fun because we use a lot of math in our projects.  Ahhh!

** You can see our source code in the same page if you scroll to the bottom.  In our code, we rotated the wheel not by rotating the object but by rotating about the axis going through its center.

Third year so far! September 2, 2010

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Third year at Tech has come full force!!

It’s only the second week, but it definitely feels I’ve been back for a while now.  This semester I’m taking 4 CS classes, including Graphics and Object-Oriented Design; coupled with Combinatorics and a technical writing class, I have a varied semester with lots of programming.

I’ve decided to make myself two main goals for this semester, aside from the usual “excel in classes” and “try to sleep more than 3 hours per day”:

  1. Become a Java expert
  2. Progress on the development of my books
  3. Get in better shape

Of course, each has their justifications:

1. Although I am familiar with Java, I am not a wizard with it.  I’m working to change that this semester…

  • Joined programming team
  • Discovered codingbat.com and other similar websites

2. Almost everything is in my head.  I need to write some of it down, and give it some structure…

  • Already practicing outlines
  • Need to do lots and lots of reading and research online

3. I want to be healthy!

  • Need to make a consistent schedule
  • Need to be more conscious of what I eat

I’ll also learn how to manage my time efficiently, more out of necessity than convenience!

Just a tad bit busy, s'all...

Incoming Class of 2010 May 5, 2010

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For college kids it’s finals week, but for high schoolers it’s AP exams week.

This is also the week when official accepted student yield numbers come out.  All I can say is that a couple hundred of those current high school seniors who are taking AP exams will be in the College of Computing next year.

Some good news are that the total percentages of women, blacks, and Hispanics went up! 😀  Also, this means that mentee lists are even closer to being finalized and disclosed.

I can’t wait for this semester to end – if only because there are so many events to look forward to in the next couple of semesters 🙂

Of course, I’ll provide explanations for those events in a post-finals post!

Open Mics, Cameras, and Braincells May 2, 2010

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Back in December, the CoC’s Undergraduate Council had a Desert Night in which they gave out superlatives to various involved students of the CoCommunity.  Last Thursday they had what the former UC president described as the “more serious” awards for MVPs of each club, and in recognition of outstanding students in the College of Computing.

It was fun and slightly bittersweet due to all the graduating seniors who were at the event.  I also had homework to work on, but that only contributed to stress.

The following day I had a professional photo shoot for an article that will be posted on the CoC website in the near future since they have yet to interview me.  The rest of the day (and night) was spent  trying to convert a linked list into a snake made out of sprites for the GBA for my last 2110 homework – which is also bittersweet.

Of course, this all means it’s


AKA I-really-shouldn’t-be-writing-blog-posts-but-I’m-kinda-burnt-out-from-studying-9-hours-today-but-that’s-the-excuse-I-used-to-take-a-break-3-hours-ago

AKA I’ll go review calculus now.  ‘Til then.

I hope there isn’t a Hell Week in BCN April 25, 2010

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Dead Week is at my heels!

Hell Week this year was particularly busy, strangely enough, for non-academic reasons.  That is not to say that I didn’t have a bazillion things to do/due for my classes.  I had homework to do; a final quiz, a final timed lab, and a final exam on the same day; and a demo for the homework that had been due earlier that week.

On Tuesday the CoC hosted its 19th Annual Awards Ceremony, for which I was asked to hand the awards to Dean Foley for him to hand to the winners.  It was fun sitting in the front of the room on a table tiled with award certificates and letters and bouncing between my seat and the podium throughout the entire ceremony, and even though I was late for the class I had following the awards (heels) it didn’t matter since my professor actually received an award at the ceremony 🙂

On Tuesday we had our last Mentors Program meeting ):  I also realized I won’t be able to TA for CS1100 since it conflicts with one of my classes next semester.   However, as we get closer to the end of the semester we’re also getting more and more students accepting offers to come to Georgia Tech and getting a more definite list of our future mentees 😀

On Thursday we had a Yahoo! Field Day Picnic co-hosted by W@CC, SWE, and WECE – I briefly helped out before running off to class.  The following day I got to the CoC early and opted to paint on the canvas GOURD had propped up on the entrance lobby


Someone had written "CS BLOWS". I fixed it.

Later on I found out that I’ve exhausted my FWS funds, meaning I was able to get the rest of the day off.  I then had lunch with the CoC Advisory Board and shared a table with Thomas Noonan, James Lester, and Dick Hunter, as well as Colin Potts, Charles Isbell, and Dean Foley for brief moments with my peers and fellow mentors Michael S. and Linda H.

At the end of the week, I got home before 6PM for the first time in almost two months and worked on what is, officially, my third job this semester.

Now, semi-related occurrences since my last update:

The GTACM programming team hosted its first Coding Competition.

  • For each right question, teams would get a balloon of a color that corresponded with the question
  • The teams with the most balloons and points at the end would win
  • First and second place teams had 6 balloons at the end
  • There were a LOT of surplus balloons
  • Aurel L. may have taken a batch of balloons for helium-voice purposes

And Saturday was a lovely day 😀

James D. Lester, III

April 5, 2010

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Google hits O:

Apparently one of my previous entries is one of two hits for my next 2110 homework, and the only visible one.  Good to know…

In other news:

  • Friday made me happy 🙂
  • This weekend made me anxious x:
  • I was elected Vice President of Community Building for Hispanics@CC
  • They’re showing a commercial on TV and it made me think of CS1050 (Constructing Proofs ❤ )
  • I’m participating in Google Games!
  • I’ve been in a Porcupine Tree frenzy lately

Also, that link describes me right now.  Except right now I’m also sleepy…