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Georgia Tech Deans and Computer Science at UF April 22, 2012

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Recently, University of Florida’s President revealed his plans to dissolve the school’s Computer and Information Science and Engineering (CISE) department and merge it with other existing programs at UF.

Current College of Computing Dean Zvi Galil and CC founder and Dean Emeritus Peter A. Freeman wrote letters to the president voicing their concern about UF’s decision.

In the words of my friend Taylor W.: “It’s involvement like that, not just in the Tech community, but in the CS industry as a whole, that gains the College of Computing at Georgia Tech the respect it has developed over the last few years.”


CodingSkills++ August 20, 2011

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My internship at CareerBuilder.com has ended 😦

If I can only say one thing about it, let it be this: holy cow, I learned a lot!

Spending 12 weeks of this summer just coding has improved my programming skills and made me much more confident in my coding capabilities.  It’s kind of interesting how my internship project went through the same motions as my CS classes: began with a “Hello World” tutorial to get used to VisualBasic.net and Visual Studio (<3), started getting used to the visuals of javascript (CS1331), coded up BFS (CS1332)…

Either way, I’m ready to take on the rest of my career*!


Interns Fender, Leah, and I at CareerBuilder

*no pun intended, I promise!

Programming Summer May 28, 2011

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I got a summer internship at CareerBuilder!!!!! 😀

I’ll be starting this June and probably working up until classes start… so excited!!

More about that in the future, as well as that Tapia post I promised a couple of posts back.  Lots of good pics are involved 🙂

Graphics and the Media Thread October 3, 2010

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From the moment I learned about the Threads system that the College of Computing uses for its CS degrees I knew that Media was going to be one of them.  This semester I’m taking my first course from Media, CS3451: Computer Graphics.  I really like the course material so far, particularly how we integrate calculus, linear algebra, and geometry with programming to produce visuals.

I’ve also had the opportunity to make some pretty cool programs with Processing:

I really want to program some personal projects in Processing over winter break.  For now, I’ll focus on the class-related ones.

Grace Hopper! September 23, 2010

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There’s a reason the annual conference for women in science is named after her!

Cyborg for 15 minutes September 22, 2010

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Today I got to put on Professor Thad Starner’s heads-up display/computer.

Older display, embedded in his glasses

His current setup (the eyepiece, not the Mac)

He talked a bit about some of the research he’s currently involved in.  Awesome stuff 😀