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Next Up: Grace Hopper! November 7, 2011

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Thanks to the CoC’s Office of Outreach, Enrollment, and Community I will be attending this year’s Grace Hopper conference!! 😀

I’m very excited because last year I had a lot of projects during the conference and I wasn’t really able to attend it.  This year, however, I’m going along with 20 other ladies from Tech (most of which I know through Women@CC – yay W@CC!), and we get to spend 4 days in Portland, Oregon, with some of the most awesome women in the computing world.

I was slightly disappointed about not being able to blog during the conference since my laptop died yesterday, but according to my itinerary there will be laptops free for anyone to use throughout the conference center, so hopefully I’ll have enough time to do so!

Now back to studying social psychology and packing 🙂


Review: Tapia Conference May 29, 2011

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The 2011 Richard Tapia Conference for Minorities in Computing was pretty fantastic!

This year the event took place in San Francisco, California.  A group of about 20 students were sponsored by the CoC’s Office of Outreach, Enrollment, and Community, and we were really excited both about the conference and the city.

Cool peeps match their shirts!

Our group at the Tapia Conference

I actually wrote a small blurb about the conference over at the CoC’s Student Community page.

Always happy to report the student's POV!

This is what I wrote:

The 2011 Richard Tapia Conference for Minorities in Computer, held April 3-5 in San Francisco, was host to a well-represented group of students from the College of Computing. The event attracted over 500 attendees; Georgia Tech had one of the largest university group at the conference with around 20 individuals in attendance. Students were also invited to the pre-conference Empowering Leadership Alliance meeting, where they were able to personally converse with Doctor Tapia and attend additional talks by prominent minorities in the fields of science, technology, and math.

Highlights of the conference include presentations byBlaise Aguera y Arcas (Microsoft), co-creator of Photosynth, a favorite among computational photography students; Illya Hicks, associate professor in the Computational and Applied Mathematics Department at Rice University, who spoke of football and graph theory; and Patty Lopez (Intel), founding member of Latinas in Computing.

In addition to being one of the best represented universities at the conference, Georgia Tech was also a crowd favorite: a grad student’s research won the People’s Choice Award at the ELA poster showcase.

See photos from the event on the College’s Flickr site.

I was actually able to meet Dr. Tapia in person at the ELA event!  The talks and presentations were all inspiring, thought-provoking, and, in some cases, humbling.  They definitely sparked a lot of discussion among the group of students I traveled with, yet I can definitely say we all left with the same inspiration: no matter how underrepresented we are in the field of computing, this in no way undermines our ability to succeed.

Hooray for randomly awesome friendships!

Tech friends and me with some new friends from the University of Illinois - Chicago!

Tapia Conference OEC Scholarship March 6, 2011

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The Richard Tapia Conference is a computing conference catering specifically to Hispanics, African Americans, and other underrepresented minorities within the realm of computer science and its related majors.  This year’s conference will take place during the first week of April in San Francisco.

Obligatory Golden Gate picture


The Office of Outreach, Enrollment, and Community (the ones in charge of all student organizations + recruitment events and programs) had enough funding to cover the attendance costs for about a dozen or so students.  I filled out a short application for the OEC travel stipend, and was greeted with the following dialogue the following day:

Friend: “Hey Cristy, have you checked your e-mail?  Tapia decisions were sent out.”

Me: “Oh… no, I haven’t.  I guess I’ll check my e-mail after my Physics test, since I only have 20 minutes left to study”

*Five minutes later*

Jen from OEC: “Hey Cristy, I need you to send me your travel information ASAP, thanks!”

Me: ” 😐 Guess I don’t need to check my e-mail”

Either way, I’m going to California!!  I’m really looking forward to attending the conference, especially since part of the OEC scholarship includes going to a pre-conference event where we’ll be able to meet Mr. Richard Tapia himself.  Also,ever since I was little my mom has talked to me about California, particularly LA and San Francisco, so I’m really excited about the idea of exploring the area a little bit with a group of awesome people.

I’ll try to update during the days of the conference or at least make a decently-sized post after the conference.  Expect lots of pictures! 🙂