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Mentoring for another year! February 24, 2011

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I’ve been selected to be a CoC mentor for another year!!! 😀

The selection process was even more strict that last year’s – unfortunately the program had to be reduced to 25 mentors, yet the Office of Outreach, Enrollment, and Community got over 50 applications this year!

I spoke with a lot of the students that applied, and I’d estimate that roughly half of them were freshmen.  Although this makes sense since a lot of freshmen hang out near the OEC office and were told personally about the application (through OEC or their friends), it’s still kind of crazy that a group consisting of ~120 students – or 1/6th of the entire CoC – provided half the candidates.

Considering that the program has GPA and credit constraints (2.4ish GPA and 30+ credit hours), and that the application was rather lengthy, I’d say there was probably a significant amount of freshmen that wanted to apply but didn’t for various reasons.  Still, accounting only for those freshmen who did apply, that means that roughly 1 out of every 5 freshmen applied to be a mentor, about 10 times the application rate for other CoC students!

All in all, the most significant factor is that all the freshmen that applied (or wanted to) were all mentees in last year’s mentor program – and wanted to pay it forward by being mentors to future freshmen.  I’d say that makes last year’s program quite successful 🙂

As for myself and whether some of my mentees got into the program, all I’ll say is that the tree’s height has increased…


CC Incoming Class of 2010! August 22, 2010

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The past few days I’ve been given the opportunity to spend time with the newest addition to the College of Computing: the members of the incoming class!

I can honestly say I’ve been looking forward to this moment for a while, ever since I became a mentor in January.  I wondered who my mentees were going to be, how this class was going to be like, among many, many other things.  This short amount of time, however, has already made me extremely happy about my decision to become a mentor.  All the mentees that I’ve met have been fantastic, open, motivated, and friendly.  Most of all, they seem to really like the way we are welcoming them to the College of Computing – not just because it organized Boot Up and covered their admission to Six Flags (although that’s definitely appreciated!) , but also by introducing them to our culture and our people and our community…

... our student organizations...

... our college events...

... our friendship...

... our dedication...

... and the truly unexplainable

I’m truly blessed  to have the opportunity to be a friend and guide to such a promising group of people, and that I get to help them survive through and love the College of Computing, as an academic institution and as a community that has also given me so, so many wonderful opportunities and encouragement.

I’m looking forward to this Fall.

What about the CoC? February 25, 2010

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Looking at other student blogs I became aware of the fact that although I always talk about the College of Computing I have yet to mention how I feel about it.

I mentioned some of the reasons during my interview for the Mentors Program.  This is what I answered when asked why I wanted to be a mentor:

I think it’s great that you’re automatically putting all freshmen in the mentors program.  I wish I’d been in some sort of program like that in my first semester.  I know that the first year can be extremely hard on some people in terms of confidence in your ability to do well in here, whether you want to be a CS major or not, all the general uncertainties.  I know because I went through that during my first year, I was doubtful and insecure.  I live off campus and the transition from high school was really tough on me, and it was really hard for me to start to meet people.  I think the mentors program can help with some of that, and I want to be part of it.

That was the only answer I gave during which I wasn’t nervous at all.  I was simple, honest and jittery.  I keep on mentioning it to people. but the more I think about it the more surprised I am that I only started getting to know people this last October – when I started this blog.

Yet I always get to a part where I want to explain my gratitude and I have to attempt to pinpoint why I like the CoC so much: it might be the faculty, my peers, the sense of community among the students, maybe the TAs helping students helping other students in the commons, or the robotic dinosaur I walked by today, or the elevator doors opening to reveal a man carrying a disembodied car door through the third floor, or all the different organizations and the awesome people in them.

All those things make up the College of Computing for me – it’s my web, my motivation, where I bounce from when I stumble.

College of Computing Mentors Program! February 3, 2010

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I GOT IN!!! 😀

The College of Computing interviewed 40 applicants to participate in the second year of the Mentors Program and I was one of the lucky 30 that were selected*!

The behavioral interview was definitely nerve-wracking.  Even then, it’s good practice for future interviews.

I almost didn’t apply because I thought I couldn’t, since I would technically “get hired” by the College of Computing for another job.  It turns out I can be a mentor AND keep my work-study job (yay!).

Our first meeting was yesterday.  It was wonderful to meet the rest of the mentors and rearrange chairs and potato chip bags and avoid rogue sharpies and pens to make enough space to create posters about ourselves (with SHARPIES!).  I’m absolutely ecstatic about working with them this next year and definitely looking forward to meeting my mentees in August 🙂

* My mother mocked my odds when she read this.  Sure, 30/40 sounds pretty good, but there was still a 25% chance that I would not be picked!