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Hell/Dead/Finals Week April 28, 2011

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I have my Physics I and Combinatorics finals on the same day.




[More updates to come after said finals]

IT’S OVER! December 23, 2010

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This semester is over, THANK GOODNESS!!

For some reason this semester was particularly difficult for everyone I know – yes, I am aware this is Georgia Tech I’m talking about – regardless of year, whether they were graduating or first-semester freshmen, or the number of hours they were taking.  I think I pulled a total of 10 all-nighters for the Graphics course I’ve mentioned before on this blog.  Either way, I’m generally happy with my grades for this semester – all that hard work paid off! 🙂

Next semester I only need to get some general requirements done (I’ll only be taking 2 CS classes, as opposed to the 4 I just took) as well as make a final decision on what my second thread is going to be.

For now, I get to catch up on missed sleep hours.

Incoming Class of 2010 May 5, 2010

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For college kids it’s finals week, but for high schoolers it’s AP exams week.

This is also the week when official accepted student yield numbers come out.  All I can say is that a couple hundred of those current high school seniors who are taking AP exams will be in the College of Computing next year.

Some good news are that the total percentages of women, blacks, and Hispanics went up! 😀  Also, this means that mentee lists are even closer to being finalized and disclosed.

I can’t wait for this semester to end – if only because there are so many events to look forward to in the next couple of semesters 🙂

Of course, I’ll provide explanations for those events in a post-finals post!

Open Mics, Cameras, and Braincells May 2, 2010

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Back in December, the CoC’s Undergraduate Council had a Desert Night in which they gave out superlatives to various involved students of the CoCommunity.  Last Thursday they had what the former UC president described as the “more serious” awards for MVPs of each club, and in recognition of outstanding students in the College of Computing.

It was fun and slightly bittersweet due to all the graduating seniors who were at the event.  I also had homework to work on, but that only contributed to stress.

The following day I had a professional photo shoot for an article that will be posted on the CoC website in the near future since they have yet to interview me.  The rest of the day (and night) was spent  trying to convert a linked list into a snake made out of sprites for the GBA for my last 2110 homework – which is also bittersweet.

Of course, this all means it’s


AKA I-really-shouldn’t-be-writing-blog-posts-but-I’m-kinda-burnt-out-from-studying-9-hours-today-but-that’s-the-excuse-I-used-to-take-a-break-3-hours-ago

AKA I’ll go review calculus now.  ‘Til then.

Porcupine Tree != stress relief April 28, 2010

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Over Christmas break, my sister introduced me to the first Porcupine Tree song I willingly listened to.  “Blind House” is the second song of (what then was their brand new album) The Incident.  I began a rediscovering process, listening to old albums and recognizing the familiar tunes I’d heard countless times before but never bothered to process.

Today they hit Atlanta as part of the North American leg of their tour, and my mother and I saw them live.  It was amazing ❤  And the only way I can express it is in cliché succinctness.

However, right now I’m in a bit of a sour mood.

It’s been plaguing me for a couple of weeks now, but Dead Week has not been helping at all…  oh, well.  It’s something else I will stack and deal with after my last HWs/Finals/my third job