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Graphics! October 27, 2010

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I’ve mentioned my Graphics class before – it’s a main class required for the media thread and some branches of the CM major.  The class is challenging but not impossible, and also a bit fun*.  It has led me to pull many all-nighters this semester, but then again this is Georgia Tech so that’s not very uncommon.

For our CS3451 group project we had to modify code containing a path (calculated via b-spline, 4-point spine, the Jarek compromise, et cetera) in 3D and modify the figure navigating along the path so that:

  • The figure is now a unicycle
  • The unicycle’s wheel spins
  • The wheel has the picture of group members on their sides

Calculating the angles and fidgeting with the coordinate translations and rotations was exhausting, but then my team member figured that since we were this far along, he might as well have fun with textures.

This is the result:

Project 3B – Don’t open this if you have 30+ tabs open in your browser!

I’m particularly fond of the moon in the corner of the world and the philosophical questions that our code fueled (“the figure is not moving… it’s the world around it that’s changing”**).

*I think the scariest part of this class is that one of the reasons I think it’s fun because we use a lot of math in our projects.  Ahhh!

** You can see our source code in the same page if you scroll to the bottom.  In our code, we rotated the wheel not by rotating the object but by rotating about the axis going through its center.


if(CoCwinsHomecoming) { cristy.postBlog(); } October 10, 2010

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This was our pomp display:


Buzz, Ramblin' Wreck, Tech Tower... Tech spirit!


Over 40 students worked on it over the course of 5 days, a significant majority even lost sleep over it. On Thursday night the third floor of the CoC was vibrant, filled with inspired upperclassmen and zealous freshmen, all munching pizza and sipping soda as alumni watched the birth of a new CoC tradition.

And we won!! 😀  We got 1st place in our division (Independent) and 15th overall, getting surpassed only by panhellenic units.


Very small percentage of those who helped out**


It’s the second time that we participate in Homecoming events (and we’re still the first and only school/academic unit participating); we were unable to partake in half of the events due to lost paperwork and unannounced deadline changes; we asked people to contribute voluntarily instead of penalizing them if they didn’t; and we still won!

Also, to all my fellow programmers: Happy 42! 😀

**It should be noted that not one person in this picture had slept more than 2 hours at the time this picture was taken.  Those who helped out and were not in this pic were in class and/or sleeping.

Homecoming!! October 6, 2010

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Last Sunday, 7 boys from the College of Computing performed this routine for our Powderpuff Football team during halftime:

This is why I love the CoC ❤

Graphics and the Media Thread October 3, 2010

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From the moment I learned about the Threads system that the College of Computing uses for its CS degrees I knew that Media was going to be one of them.  This semester I’m taking my first course from Media, CS3451: Computer Graphics.  I really like the course material so far, particularly how we integrate calculus, linear algebra, and geometry with programming to produce visuals.

I’ve also had the opportunity to make some pretty cool programs with Processing:

I really want to program some personal projects in Processing over winter break.  For now, I’ll focus on the class-related ones.