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I’m Cristy G., a fifth year (almost done!) undergraduate student majoring in Computer Science at Georgia Tech.

The College of Computing is not just my major college, it’s where I work as a Student Assistant and participate in various student organizations.  It’s also the place where I hang out, code, play videogames, and may pull the occasional all-nighter.

In summer of 2010 I studied abroad in Barcelona, and it enriched my life in incountable ways.  I met a wonderful group of people, traveled all over Europe, and I got to experience a world cup victory – along with getting a whole semester’s worth of knowledge, of course!

The following year I got my first internship with CareerBuilder.  It was a great learning experience and a ton of fun to spend my summer with the Search Team and the awesome folks over at the Norcross offices (including my fellow intern friends!).

In 2012 I got the opportunity to intern with Microsoft as a Program Manager. The entire time I was surrounded by amazing friends and connected with a myriad of incredibly smart individuals. I enjoyed my time there both in and out of work, and will be keep on doing so when I return to work full-time in 2013.

I’m interested in the creative aspect of CS as well as the connection between humans and computers, as a system and a medium.  I find anything related to human-computer interaction, user experience, user interfaces, and usability fascinating, as well as anything that uses programming as a creative outlet.  Other non-CS interests include reading, writing,  drawing, running, listening to progressive rock, and playing video games.

View from Parc Guell

Barcelona Summer 2010

Microsoft main campus, summer 2012


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