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Midway! June 20, 2012

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I’ve barely been in Seattle a month, and I’m already in my sixth week of my internship. Aside from the expected frenzy of tasks and meetings and official and unofficial intern events, it also marks that I’m halfway through with it!

Aside from meeting with my manager to talk about my progress, this week I’ll be doing another presentation on my research. While it’s the same one I did last week, this time I’ll be presenting it to 15-20 people, almost all of which are PM (or related roles), so I expect the criticism and questions to be a bit different. I’m a bit nervous, but I’m also excited to see what they have to say.


Breathing Again! December 22, 2011

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Fall 2011 is officially over!

This semester ended on a crazy note – busy, as usual, with all sorts of crazy on the side.

  • Two companies wanted to fly me out for interviews.  I couldn’t make one of them, and I had to change around final presentations for the other ones
  • One phone interview and one on-site interview… during dead week
  • Not one, not two, but 3 semester-long group projects due in the span of two weeks
  • Friend’s birthday after finals week!
  • About 10 people from my Barcelona group graduated this semester.  Whaaaaaa??

Thoughts about my imminent getting-out-of-Tech-ness aside (graduation is only one year away?!  When did this happen?), I’m pretty happy with this semester.  First off, I got 2 A’s and 2 B’s!  😀  It was also a successful semester in terms of personal, professional, and interpersonal matters.  I’ve achieved goals in all 3 categories: I maintained my weight during the whole semester, got an internship, and I got to spend a lot of time with new and old friends alike.

It was a lovely semester overall! 🙂  Can’t wait for the rest!

Next Up: Grace Hopper! November 7, 2011

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Thanks to the CoC’s Office of Outreach, Enrollment, and Community I will be attending this year’s Grace Hopper conference!! 😀

I’m very excited because last year I had a lot of projects during the conference and I wasn’t really able to attend it.  This year, however, I’m going along with 20 other ladies from Tech (most of which I know through Women@CC – yay W@CC!), and we get to spend 4 days in Portland, Oregon, with some of the most awesome women in the computing world.

I was slightly disappointed about not being able to blog during the conference since my laptop died yesterday, but according to my itinerary there will be laptops free for anyone to use throughout the conference center, so hopefully I’ll have enough time to do so!

Now back to studying social psychology and packing 🙂

Hell/Dead/Finals Week April 28, 2011

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I have my Physics I and Combinatorics finals on the same day.




[More updates to come after said finals]

We while the hours working September 9, 2010

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The past two days can only be described with one word: HECTIC!


  • Rushed to finish first Combo homework
  • Attempted to study for first Graphics quiz
  • Attempted to meet with 2340 group
  • Rescheduled meeting with 2340 group
  • Ran to M@CC meeting
  • Went through CoC Career Fair training
  • Participated in Facebook birthday pranks (notice the plural)
  • Edited FIREWALL issue for September
  • Re-edited FIREWALL
  • Finished poster for FIREWALL
  • Revised edits for FIREWALL

Today wasn’t much different:

  • Rushed to work (late)
  • Went upstairs to a Google Lunch
  • Saw the release of Google Instant with Google employees
  • Prepared cotton candy machine
  • Handed out FIREWALL issues and cotton candy
  • Got covered with cotton candy – literally
  • Ran into half the Barcelona program CS majors
  • Rejoiced about mini-Barca reunions 😀
  • Went to class
  • Filled in timesheet
  • Went to Google Tech Talk
  • Ate something other than sugar
  • Cleaned out cotton candy machine
  • Clogged sink where we were cleaning the machine
  • Emptied out sink with Styrofoam cups
  • Randomly started singing  “Still Alive” in harmony with 3 guys
  • Reminded the boys of the lyrics to the song
  • Cleaned up the Orgs Room
  • Greeted my mother with Google shades on at 11PM
  • Realized I spent more than 12 hours in the same building
  • Realized I still like spending time in the College of Computing

Good days 🙂  Can’t wait for the Career Fair and company frenzies next week!

Third year so far! September 2, 2010

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Third year at Tech has come full force!!

It’s only the second week, but it definitely feels I’ve been back for a while now.  This semester I’m taking 4 CS classes, including Graphics and Object-Oriented Design; coupled with Combinatorics and a technical writing class, I have a varied semester with lots of programming.

I’ve decided to make myself two main goals for this semester, aside from the usual “excel in classes” and “try to sleep more than 3 hours per day”:

  1. Become a Java expert
  2. Progress on the development of my books
  3. Get in better shape

Of course, each has their justifications:

1. Although I am familiar with Java, I am not a wizard with it.  I’m working to change that this semester…

  • Joined programming team
  • Discovered codingbat.com and other similar websites

2. Almost everything is in my head.  I need to write some of it down, and give it some structure…

  • Already practicing outlines
  • Need to do lots and lots of reading and research online

3. I want to be healthy!

  • Need to make a consistent schedule
  • Need to be more conscious of what I eat

I’ll also learn how to manage my time efficiently, more out of necessity than convenience!

Just a tad bit busy, s'all...

I hope there isn’t a Hell Week in BCN April 25, 2010

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Dead Week is at my heels!

Hell Week this year was particularly busy, strangely enough, for non-academic reasons.  That is not to say that I didn’t have a bazillion things to do/due for my classes.  I had homework to do; a final quiz, a final timed lab, and a final exam on the same day; and a demo for the homework that had been due earlier that week.

On Tuesday the CoC hosted its 19th Annual Awards Ceremony, for which I was asked to hand the awards to Dean Foley for him to hand to the winners.  It was fun sitting in the front of the room on a table tiled with award certificates and letters and bouncing between my seat and the podium throughout the entire ceremony, and even though I was late for the class I had following the awards (heels) it didn’t matter since my professor actually received an award at the ceremony 🙂

On Tuesday we had our last Mentors Program meeting ):  I also realized I won’t be able to TA for CS1100 since it conflicts with one of my classes next semester.   However, as we get closer to the end of the semester we’re also getting more and more students accepting offers to come to Georgia Tech and getting a more definite list of our future mentees 😀

On Thursday we had a Yahoo! Field Day Picnic co-hosted by W@CC, SWE, and WECE – I briefly helped out before running off to class.  The following day I got to the CoC early and opted to paint on the canvas GOURD had propped up on the entrance lobby


Someone had written "CS BLOWS". I fixed it.

Later on I found out that I’ve exhausted my FWS funds, meaning I was able to get the rest of the day off.  I then had lunch with the CoC Advisory Board and shared a table with Thomas Noonan, James Lester, and Dick Hunter, as well as Colin Potts, Charles Isbell, and Dean Foley for brief moments with my peers and fellow mentors Michael S. and Linda H.

At the end of the week, I got home before 6PM for the first time in almost two months and worked on what is, officially, my third job this semester.

Now, semi-related occurrences since my last update:

The GTACM programming team hosted its first Coding Competition.

  • For each right question, teams would get a balloon of a color that corresponded with the question
  • The teams with the most balloons and points at the end would win
  • First and second place teams had 6 balloons at the end
  • There were a LOT of surplus balloons
  • Aurel L. may have taken a batch of balloons for helium-voice purposes

And Saturday was a lovely day 😀

James D. Lester, III

Elections, Game Boy, and CoCaesars! March 30, 2010

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Spring Break has come and gone and brought a couple of sources of joy:

  • I was elected Media Chair for Minorities at the College of Computing
  • I am now Chief Copy Editor of the FIREWALL
  • My boss asked me to write the April issue of The Compiler
  • The new CC website was launched!  Also, this blog is featured there 😀
  • I made my first Game Boy game – picture below
  • CoCaesars is tomorrow!
You have 3 lives! (Bottom right)


Also, tomorrow will be pivotal.  I know it – ’cause I’ll make it be pivotal.

Slow Ascension March 7, 2010

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A bunch of stuff has happened since my last entry.

Firstly, I’ve been in a better mood.

Secondly, there are several reasons for that:

  1. I figured out what was wrong with my CS homework and got back some points on it
  2. I’m working more hours, but somehow I managed to get more free time.  WHAT
  3. Rediscovered caffeine on my first free hour with Chris .  WOOT!
  4. Miller Templeton came to my Health class and talked about happiness
  5. Accepted student overnight!

Item #5 hasn’t happened yet, but it will probably be my next entry.  I believe there are about 50 accepted high school students from Georgia and its neighboring states coming over for tonight’s event.  I don’t know how many (current) students are volunteering today or if we managed to get a hold of some gaming consoles for the impromptu gaming extravaganza we came up with over e-mail, but I’m almost certain that most volunteers (if not all) are going to be mentors.

Also, I have a “Girl’s Night Out” info session tomorrow with Esther.  I’m a bit nervous, but I’m still diving in!

I just realized tomorrow in between 10-8PM I will only have a half-hour in which I am not doing anything.  That only means I have to move faster.

TechTopics: PHP February 20, 2010

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GTACM has been planning these for a while now, and this semester they were finally able to create “mini classes” to teach students (CS and non-CS alike) about stuff that is not normally offered in classes, such as PHP.

Due to the lovely layer of snow that covered campus last week, the first TechTopics class focusing on PHP and MySQL was postponed for this week.  I left work at 4 and headed towards Bunger-Henry where I discovered two things:

  • I need to read room number signs more carefully so as to avoid wandering around looking for a classroom *cough*
  • The acoustics of Bunger-Henry’s staircases outdo the (former) creepiness of the third floor of the CCB holy crap

There were certainly a lot more people in the class than I expected, at least 30 students.  I’m assuming most of them are CS, but I believe this class is open to all majors.  Everyone simply walked in – it was quiet, organized, and students helped themselves out when one couldn’t figure out something.

Since it’s pretty much an “Intro to PHP”, this first class centered on setting up the tools to code in PHP (Apache, MySQL) and the syntax of PHP and other basics: variable declaration, if statements, loops, associative arrays, print statements, among others.

I made my first PHP file along with the class and, as it’s happened every single time I code in a new language, my computer decides to hand me challenges because the file is still not showing up on my localhost projects!

Hurdles aside (for now!) TechTopics has set its path on a very good beginning.