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IT’S OVER! December 23, 2010

Posted by lifealgo in Class Madness.
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This semester is over, THANK GOODNESS!!

For some reason this semester was particularly difficult for everyone I know – yes, I am aware this is Georgia Tech I’m talking about – regardless of year, whether they were graduating or first-semester freshmen, or the number of hours they were taking.  I think I pulled a total of 10 all-nighters for the Graphics course I’ve mentioned before on this blog.  Either way, I’m generally happy with my grades for this semester – all that hard work paid off! 🙂

Next semester I only need to get some general requirements done (I’ll only be taking 2 CS classes, as opposed to the 4 I just took) as well as make a final decision on what my second thread is going to be.

For now, I get to catch up on missed sleep hours.