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Microsoft: Full-Time! September 17, 2012

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I never really made the announcement here: I got an offer to come back to Microsoft as a full-time employee! I officially accepted and will be starting early next year. I’m so thrilled to have this wonderful opportunity!


Breathing Again! December 22, 2011

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Fall 2011 is officially over!

This semester ended on a crazy note – busy, as usual, with all sorts of crazy on the side.

  • Two companies wanted to fly me out for interviews.  I couldn’t make one of them, and I had to change around final presentations for the other ones
  • One phone interview and one on-site interview… during dead week
  • Not one, not two, but 3 semester-long group projects due in the span of two weeks
  • Friend’s birthday after finals week!
  • About 10 people from my Barcelona group graduated this semester.  Whaaaaaa??

Thoughts about my imminent getting-out-of-Tech-ness aside (graduation is only one year away?!  When did this happen?), I’m pretty happy with this semester.  First off, I got 2 A’s and 2 B’s!  😀  It was also a successful semester in terms of personal, professional, and interpersonal matters.  I’ve achieved goals in all 3 categories: I maintained my weight during the whole semester, got an internship, and I got to spend a lot of time with new and old friends alike.

It was a lovely semester overall! 🙂  Can’t wait for the rest!

Programming Summer May 28, 2011

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I got a summer internship at CareerBuilder!!!!! 😀

I’ll be starting this June and probably working up until classes start… so excited!!

More about that in the future, as well as that Tapia post I promised a couple of posts back.  Lots of good pics are involved 🙂

Paint in Processing February 13, 2011

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Last semester we had the option of making a website to showcase our resume and “CS portfolio” for my Technical Communications class.  Since I didn’t feel like starting a website from scratch, I decided to code a simple paint program in Processing so that I could work off the website applet that was created.


I ended up not using the website for the assignment, but I did have fun making this really simple browser version of paint 🙂  Future plans include adding a color palette, smoother curves, and fixing some bugs related to mouse movement.


c – clear screen

r – red

g – green

b – blue

w – white

z – black

] – increase brush size

[ – decrease brush size

Incoming Class of 2010 May 5, 2010

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For college kids it’s finals week, but for high schoolers it’s AP exams week.

This is also the week when official accepted student yield numbers come out.  All I can say is that a couple hundred of those current high school seniors who are taking AP exams will be in the College of Computing next year.

Some good news are that the total percentages of women, blacks, and Hispanics went up! 😀  Also, this means that mentee lists are even closer to being finalized and disclosed.

I can’t wait for this semester to end – if only because there are so many events to look forward to in the next couple of semesters 🙂

Of course, I’ll provide explanations for those events in a post-finals post!

Porcupine Tree != stress relief April 28, 2010

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Over Christmas break, my sister introduced me to the first Porcupine Tree song I willingly listened to.  “Blind House” is the second song of (what then was their brand new album) The Incident.  I began a rediscovering process, listening to old albums and recognizing the familiar tunes I’d heard countless times before but never bothered to process.

Today they hit Atlanta as part of the North American leg of their tour, and my mother and I saw them live.  It was amazing ❤  And the only way I can express it is in cliché succinctness.

However, right now I’m in a bit of a sour mood.

It’s been plaguing me for a couple of weeks now, but Dead Week has not been helping at all…  oh, well.  It’s something else I will stack and deal with after my last HWs/Finals/my third job


Google Games and Trasitions April 15, 2010

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On Friday of last week we had a transition event for new and old organization officers.  It was coordinated by the College of Computing’s Office of Outreach, Enrollment and Community (OEC) as a way to get all the paperwork done, such as recording officer names and duties, and also serving as a social event for CoC leaders to meet and mingle.

Srs bsns

This may have been a side effect of too much awesome in a room

I now officially hold three officer positions for Fall 2010 (or the whole year):

  • FIREWALL: Chief Copy Editor
  • Hispanics@CC: Vice President of Community Building
  • Minorities@CC: Media Chair

Strangely enough, all these positions involve reaching out the CoC community in some sort of way, which is both surprising and satisfying.  It’s interesting that, without intending to, I’ve ended up in these positions and in the Office of Communications of the College of Computing.  I digress…

Later on that night SAB hosted their last event of the semester, Mafia Night.  Unfortunately I had to leave before I could play a round.

The following day Google hosted Google Games for Georgia Tech, Morehouse, and Spelman.  Our team, RHR (right hand rule) consisted of me, Chris R., Aurel L., Michael H., and Michael M.  We made our way to the Google office in Atlanta and enjoyed being placed next to the food table.

“This is great” – Michael H. as he turned around and grabbed another bagel

We introduced ourselves with xkcd quotes and started off by placing in the final round of the “Athletic” portion of the event (Wii sports).

This more than doubled the previous players' scores

Go Michael M.!

After some intense Geek Trivia, puzzles, and lego building (with two engineers in our team I was not surprised at the mention of torque as we built our structure) we got 3rd place overall out of over 10 teams!



I chose a Pocket Ninja as my prize, which came with a fantastic sticker containing happy ninjas, fields, and floating recursive mustaches.  I have yet to name him, though “Resulting Vector”, Googol, and Turing are a few contenders.  On our way back to Tech I also got pretty flowers 😀

Yellow means friendship, white means purity, and we all know what red stands for.

The white one is from Chris R., the yellow one is from Aurel L., and the red carnation is from CoCaesar's; it amazes me that it's still alive after almost 3 weeks

It was a great day overall 🙂

April 5, 2010

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Google hits O:

Apparently one of my previous entries is one of two hits for my next 2110 homework, and the only visible one.  Good to know…

In other news:

  • Friday made me happy 🙂
  • This weekend made me anxious x:
  • I was elected Vice President of Community Building for Hispanics@CC
  • They’re showing a commercial on TV and it made me think of CS1050 (Constructing Proofs ❤ )
  • I’m participating in Google Games!
  • I’ve been in a Porcupine Tree frenzy lately

Also, that link describes me right now.  Except right now I’m also sleepy…

Indeed March 30, 2010

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Today was epic.


Slow Ascension March 7, 2010

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A bunch of stuff has happened since my last entry.

Firstly, I’ve been in a better mood.

Secondly, there are several reasons for that:

  1. I figured out what was wrong with my CS homework and got back some points on it
  2. I’m working more hours, but somehow I managed to get more free time.  WHAT
  3. Rediscovered caffeine on my first free hour with Chris .  WOOT!
  4. Miller Templeton came to my Health class and talked about happiness
  5. Accepted student overnight!

Item #5 hasn’t happened yet, but it will probably be my next entry.  I believe there are about 50 accepted high school students from Georgia and its neighboring states coming over for tonight’s event.  I don’t know how many (current) students are volunteering today or if we managed to get a hold of some gaming consoles for the impromptu gaming extravaganza we came up with over e-mail, but I’m almost certain that most volunteers (if not all) are going to be mentors.

Also, I have a “Girl’s Night Out” info session tomorrow with Esther.  I’m a bit nervous, but I’m still diving in!

I just realized tomorrow in between 10-8PM I will only have a half-hour in which I am not doing anything.  That only means I have to move faster.